Casio Casio Protrek PRG-270-1AJF male models climbing watch

Novice white Casio PRG-270-1AJF sea Amoy trip This summer I do not know how the brain going on, and suddenly felt above the empty arm, then buy a watch the idea will be rough friends. The first thought is the movement of Casio watches, watch the students with other quartz or mechanical watch are no flu. So they began to understand the Casio watches, which do not see do not know, a look scared wow, please forgive me tu bie behavior. Casio sports watch more and more like, a variety of styles are like, but since only a poor student, after thousands of pick and choose, and finally decided to PRG-270 mountaineering series. This Casio Casio Protrek PRG-270-1 male climbing watch, is designed for mountain climbers a multi-functional watch, belonging to Casio high-end PRO TREK series. Watches can be powered by solar energy, with a radio receiver can adjust the time by radio. As a mountain climbing watch, which built a new triple sensor, the new sensor PRO TREK than the old section of the small size of 95%, 90% lower power consumption, accuracy has improved. Triple sensors can provide information on altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature, with an air pressure setting alarm. There are countdown, world time, alarm clock and LED backlighting and other basic functions, performance can be described as very powerful. Watch strap is nylon material, the dial is anti-scraping resin, water depth of 100 meters, can be 10 degrees below zero degrees Celsius in the work environment. Watch comprehensive performance, cost-effective, like replica watches extreme sports friends do not miss oh. Decided to model, and then how to buy the problem. The first thought is Ma home purchasing, because this watch is relatively old time, also belong to the popular series, the price of purchasing and Nichia on the same, the other is very deep water here, so the decision Nichia Hai Amoy. Said before the sea are all very slow as little as ten days, as many as a month, and my first time in the sea Amoy only 8 days, only 8 days, no map I say Gesha Han, this is swollen Happening? ?? ?? ?? RP outbreak it? ?? ?? ?? But EMS pit father, I have not seen anything, he gave me the old sign, ah ah ah ah ah Recommended reason: "PRG-270 is released in July 2013, the new Casio, the domestic looks like it is the first time in the world to buy a new version of the" The new triple sensor v3, altimeter accuracy increased to 1 meter, the measurement frequency once a second, the error from 2% of the time, Down to 0.3%, saving 90%, 95% reduction in volume, electronic compass Japan Amazon direct link The first sea Amoy: Casio Casio Protrek PRG-270-1AJF male models climbing watch Wink other online style than the black a lot cheaper, but I just like the black, it may be a bit cheap bar, ha ha Take the goods, can not wait to unpack Mao for the people to see the box on the Internet are cool amount of climbing series, for my hair is this box? ?? ?? ?? Nichia and the United States and Asia are not the same? ?? ?? ?? Manual very simple and the United States and Asia are not the same. I see you rarely buy this all-black anti-significant, the students said that the good-looking, I think the black cool, ha ha ha. But this light is really not flattered ah ah ah ah ah ... just tried the automatic lighting function easy to use. Overall evaluation of this watch: No radio is not the thing, this replica watches uk error is very small, two or three times a year on the line. There is solar energy, power do not worry. 100m waterproof, no problem bath. The third generation of triple sensors. Backlight is not uniform, but does not affect the viewing. Anti-was absolutely cool enough, read the rolex replica is not so strenuous. Table body weight is appropriate, not sink is not light, comfortable strap. Now my heart should be why the diaphragm should be the packaging and other people's packaging is not the same? ?? ?? ?? ?? There are a lot of features did not try, quickly Kanxia brochures, useful features, then the mind at ease. Little brother writing is not good, hope you aunts and uncles, aunt aunt a lot of inclusiveness.