It is important to remember that contact lenses are prescription medical devices. Appropriate fit, material selection, and prescription is critical for maintaining ocular health, vision, and comfort while wearing contact lenses. Dr. Victoria Yampolsky is committed to your contact lens success once you have made the decision to try, return to, or continue wearing contact lenses. In order to fulfill this goal, we have created our Contact Lens Success Program.

Contact Lenses Available

  • Single Vision
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses for patients in need of reading glasses
  • Toric Lenses for astigmatic correction
  • Color Contact Lenses
  • Daily Disposable
  • Extended Wear
  • Sport Lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable lenses for Keratoconus

Contact Lens Success Program

At Premier Family Eyecare, we make it even easier to try contacts with the freedom of our contact lens trial program. We carry all the latest in contact lens technology and specialize in the hard-to-fit patient. We are dedicated giving you a healthy and enjoyable contact lens experience. Our contact lens fitting consists of the following:

Comprehensive Eye Health Examination and Lifestyle Discussion

  • Preliminary testing of factors that may affect contact lens candidacy such as health of lids, lashes, and cornea.
  • Your lifestyle, including work environment and athletic activities, will be considered in selecting appropriate material and wearing schedule.

Corneal Evaluation and Tear Film Analysis

  • These medical services are specific to contact lens wear. The doctor utilizes information from keratometer and slit lamp evaluations to determine the corneal curvature for each eye, as well as the depth and quality of the tear film. From this information and the information you have provided regarding your needs, the doctor will recommend a specific contact lens material and wearing schedule for the most comfortable, functional, and healthy custom lens fit.

Complimentary Trials

  • Lenses are inserted and removed by the Doctor on the day of the examination.
  • The training of insertion and removal of the contact lenses for new wearers will be performed on the initial visit or during the follow up.
  • Disinfection, cleaning, storage, and handling techniques of your contact lenses will be reviewed.
  • Initial solution and storage materials will be provided and discussed.
  • The initial contact lenses used during the fitting are included in the price of the fitting.

Follow-Up Services

  • The doctor performs several scheduled ocular health evaluations to be certain that the lenses are not adversely affecting your eye health. This is critical since contacts are a medical device placed directly on the surface of the eye. Even though the vision may be fine, the lens may still be affecting overall eye health. These periodic checks help prevent infections and other health issues, as well as make certain that the patient is comfortable and seeing their best.
  • These visits are also important for you to provide feedback regarding your comfort and satisfaction with your contact lenses. We are dedicated to your success.