Progressive Addition Lenses

Lenses and TreatmentsProgressive Addition Lenses (PALs) are the latest, most technologically advanced lenses available. Some people call them no-line bifocals. In reality, they are much more sophisticated than regular bifocals. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of PALs available on the market. They all differ drastically in terms of their amount of distortion, width of reading and distance areas, and ease and speed of adaptation. Since their invention forty years ago, PALs went through a number of design improvements, resulting in increased wearer comfort. The biggest transformation in improving PALs performance has been the invention of free-form lens technology.

Free-form lenses are designed and digitally produced specifically for each individual patient, providing the widest, most comfortable, and clearest distortion free area. Once a patient tries free-form PALs, he or she will never go back to the old designs. Premier Family Eyecare is proud to provide the very best free-form lenses from world renowned leaders in the optical industry such as Seiko, Carl Zeiss, Shamir and Varilux.

Lens Materials and Coatings

We are living in the age of plastics. Most of our household tools, ranging from vehicles and medical devices to gadgets and other items are made of or incorporate plastics. Eye glass lenses are no exception. There are dozens of different plastics used in the optical industry. To select the best, most suitable material and coating for a specific prescription requires deep knowledge of rolex replica sale lenses, materials, their properties, and prices. At Premier Family Eyecare, we do not simply sell you frames. The process starts with determining what lens material, design and coating package is best for your prescription, your needs, and your budget. Only then do we look at the frames and find the optimal combination of style, comfort, fashion, and value.

In addition to basic lens design and the materials of the lenses, other important factors can determine the comfort and clarity of vision for an eyeglass wearer. These factors are the so-called add-ons. Whether you need a pair of simple reading glasses or extra thin photochromatic polarized progressive lenses for your rimless frame, we are here to help you. We offer:

  • Light weight high-index plastics
  • Polycarbonate
  • Trivex
  • Transition lenses
  • Polarized lenses to cut the glare from bright sunlight
  • Anti-reflective or anti-glare coating for night-time driving and computer fatigue
  • Extra tough scratch coating for people subjecting their glasses to abrasive and abusive lifestyles
  • Night vision lenses
  • Safety or unbreakable lenses for people engaged in sports or dangerous activities
  • Progressive Addition lenses
  • Computer lenses
  • Task specific lenses for user with unique visual requirements such musicians, electricians, truck drivers and others.

We specialize in rimless designs and difficult prescriptions. Whatever your visual needs, we will do our best to provide you with the most comfortable, stylish, and optically superb pair of eyeglasses you have ever worn.

Task Specific Eyewear

Most of the time the needs of eyewear users are met with one simple pair of glasses. If you are myopic, you are given a pair of distance glasses for driving. If you have problems with small print, you are asked to pull out your reading glasses. However, in many cases, a single pair of eyeglasses are not going to be perfectly comfortable in all situations.

Depending on one’s visual needs, a pair of task-specific eyeglasses can be a necessary and welcome companion, improving not only your quality of life, but also making things safer, clearer, and easier. Whether you are an office worker, spending hours in front of the replica watches sale computer screen, a crane operator working hundreds of feet above ground, or a sailor exposed to blinding glare and harsh sun, a pair of task specific eyeglasses would be an excellent addition to your arsenal of tools needed to get the job done.

At Premier Family Eyecare, we will do our best to find an optimal solution for your visual needs, no matter how unique or difficult a situation.